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We collect antique Hmong fabrics and meticulously repurpose them into timeless designs for practical everyday use.  We travel to the most remote areas in northern Vietnam to find the best Hmong crafted and worn fabrics from textiles that have reached the end of their useful life and work with Hmong craftsmen to upcycle them into useful accessories.

All fabric is antique indigo and Hmong embroidery and was made by hand long ago using secret methods passed down for generations.

Profits support Vietnam Relief Services programs.

Quality & Mission

Quality & Mission

Indigo, for thousands of years, has long been associated with quality and royalty. As one of nature’s most sought after luxuries, the depth of blue is impossible to duplicate with modern dyes.


From the time we discover the antique indigo textiles, through the cutting and sewing process, each item is totally unique and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own and cherish.


With antique indigo fabric and Hmong embroidery, we ensure that all fabrics retain character and are repurposed using modern techniques to ensure durability and quality. We have taken the utmost of care to ensure the purity of the product and the hand made elegance that makes it truly special.

Not only are you purchasing the world's finest antique indigo and embroidery, but you are supporting the health and education of children in disadvantaged communities across Vietnam.  Sapphire Stitch is a Vietnam Relief Services brand and profits support VRS programs including clean water initiatives, libraries, playgrounds, and bednets. 

The Legend

The Legend

The Hmong people believe that the living world consists of three realms: the upper realm (saum qaum ntuj), the tangible realm (yaaj ceeb), and the intangible realm (yeeb ceeb).


They believe that their lives are a convergence of spirits (ntsuj plig) from all three realms.


When they die, their spirits will return to their respective realms to reunite with their ancestors. To ensure a smooth journey back to their place of origin, besides organizing the proper funeral rituals with guiding songs, flute sounds, funeral drumbeats, and the guidance of a rooster, wearing the correct traditional costume is a sign that the spirits will be recognized as "internal people" (Hmoob) rather than "external clan" (Suav) when returning to these realms.

Needless to say, Hmong indigo and embroidery is steeped with tradition and spirit.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We promise to craft the finest quality antique indigo and Hmong embroidery accessories for your enjoyment.

Through the sale of Sapphire Stitch goods, we promise to spend profits on Vietnam Relief Service’s charitable programs. We promise to never use child labor for any of our products, and promise to deliver high quality hand-made products that are manufactured with pride and care.

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